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Soft drinks production started on the family farm in 1987 this passion for great tasting soft drinks carries on today. Tom Collins, Mike Vowles and most recently John Collins have continued this tradition. Following a chance reunion in a local village pub Tom - who had built his reputation on a service driven draught services company joined forces with Mike, who had a background in soft drinks syrup blending and manufacturing. The pair discovered that the majority of soft drinks companies were offering poor to non-existent service to their customer and a small variety of flavours. This combination was affecting the taste experience for customers and persuading people to opt for bottled products.

Think Drinks Ltd launched in the UK in early 2005, the brand name chosen to bring attention to the amount of thought that is put into the development of our products and technical service we offer our customers.

Today our soft drinks are available from Truro, Cornwall to Aberdeen.
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Antwerp Mansion, Manchester Antwerp mansion is a grass roots venue run by creative people for creative people.

We originally contacted the predictable brands such as coca cola and Pepsi. They both told me they had reached their quota for installs and could do nothing for me. This turned out to be one of the best things to happen to us as it meant we discovered think drinks.

We are certainly unique as a venue which is why we chose Think Drinks. Their service was impeccable and they had some great unique products to offer. One of particular note the now extremely popular fiery ginger beer. They have given us the option of a wide array of products and even the opportunity to design our own. The quality of the product is high, the price is right and the service is fantastic.

From Antwerp Mansion to Think Drinks, thank you!
L4, Lincoln I opened the bar in october 2011. We are one of the few independent bars still around in Lincoln.

The reason I like Think Drinks and chose for them to supply my bar was solely down to the quality of the products.

The service I have had from them has been second to none, they turn up when they say they will and maintain my equipment. With my bar being as busy as it is on a Friday and Saturday night reliability is key.

At first I was unsure that moving from a top brand would be for me, but I do not feel as if I have lost any quality of taste by changing over to Think Drinks. The cost also surprised me, and I now make huge margins on draught soft drinks.
Bar One / East Bar, Swanage Can't fault the product in comparison to known brands, there is not a lot of difference between them. The service from Think Drinks has always been good. I've never had any real issues whatsoever.

I would recommend Think Drinks to anyone in the industry.
Aqua Italia, Bristol After discovering that we would save up to 45% by moving to Think Drinks, we did a blind tasting and were very impressed with the product. Since this, we have never looked back.

Gascoyne Place, Bath With great tasting premium draught products, a complete cellar care service and a large product range - we have made an annual saving of over 45% by moving to Think Drinks.

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