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November 26, 2016

Don’t squeeze, just serve. Take advantage of the growth in cocktails

The popularity of cocktails keeps on growing. With cocktail sales up 6.5%...

The popularity of cocktails keeps on growing. With cocktail sales up 6.5% last year (according to CGA Strategy) and spirit sales up 17% they are a ‘must have’ for bars and restaurants. Cocktail drinking occasions are growing too. They are not just drunk in cocktail bars and on big nights out, 10% of casual diners have a cocktail as their main drink.

With this growth in demand bar staff are squeezing ever larger quantities of lemons and limes. This takes time, creates mess and is a nightmare in a busy bar when you run out mid service. As Tom Collins kept on hearing “Our customers often told me about the hassle constantly squeezing fruit caused them. That’s why we created our cocktail ingredients range. It’s aimed at delivering consistent quality without the hassle and has taken us months to get absolutely right.”

Bar staff can now choose from classics such as Lime, Lemon, Passion and Grenadine and have them delivered in convenient 5 litre jerry cans for decanting into bottles for the speed rail. These mixers are perfectly balanced to give the consistent quality taste of freshly squeezed juice with extended shelf life for ease of use.

However, juices are not the only ingredients needed for great cocktails, as Tom says “Sugar syrup was another product that many places make themselves and which caused them hassle. So we’ve developed our own that delivers enhanced cocktails every time without the mess and frees up bar staff time for more important jobs.”

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