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October 08, 2015

Go Sober October

  It’s October and for many this means supporting the GoSober campaign...


It’s October and for many this means supporting the GoSober campaign from Macmillan Cancer relief.

Thousands will be staying off the alcohol this month. This may worry many in the on trade. Will it mean that people will just stop going out and stay in drinking tea

We heard that some are expecting a slow month because of it. But we think it’s an opportunity for outlets to do something different and interest customers in a whole new way.
Why not embrace the event and support those doing it? Plus as one in five UK consumers are now teetotal it’s an opportunity to show them you want their custom.

So here’s some ideas on how to turn this month into something really positive for your pub, bar or restaurant.

  • Run soft drink tastings. There are loads of new and interesting flavours out there, why not get a selection in and have tastings. You can even pair the drinks with food to get people thinking differently about soft drinks. They do it for wines and beers, why not soft drinks?
  • Make your own soft drinks and give them interesting names and promote them. It’s easy to get some basic ingredients and some base flavour syrups and mix them up. For example how about using our Funky Ginger beer and adding some extra fresh chilli’s to really give it a mighty kick. You could even challenge your customers to see if they are tough enough for it. Or how about adding loads of herbs such as rosemary to some premium Sicilian lemonade. The margins will be great too.
  • Make sure the soft drinks options stand out. Don’t expect customers to lean over the bar to see what’s in the fridge. Help them to choose by featuring soft drinks on the bar and putting them on your specials boards or other promotional materials such as A-boards.

If you’d like any other suggestions for making soft drinks your champions this month then please let us know, we love to help.

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