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August 04, 2015

Why we love Sicilian lemons

Did you know that lemons, which are native to India, first appeared...

Did you know that lemons, which are native to India, first appeared in Europe in 1200 BC?

It was Siciliy where they were first cultivated and so have been grown there for the last three thousand years. The climate of Sicily is perfect for lemons because they love the sunny warm days of the Mediterranean coupled with the cooler nights. When this is matched with the rich volcanic soil around Mount Etna you get the perfect mix which leads to the tart but sweet taste Sicilian lemons are famous for.

Also due to the consistency of the climate the trees can bear fruit all year. In fact there are three harvesting periods. First is the autumn harvest or ‘primo fiore’, followed by the cultivation of the ‘bianchetti’ in Spring and the ‘verdelli’ between June and July.

The amazing and unique taste of the Sicilian lemons is why we use it for our top quality Lemonade. Our supplier is based in Palermo where they squeeze the lemons straight after harvest, filter, pasteurise and bottle it. Then it’s shipped to us. We then simply add UK beet sugar, water and a little natural preservative to ensure the drink comes out as fresh as possible for our customers.

They say that a lemon isn’t a lemon unless it’s Sicilian and, with three thousand years of history, we agree.

Although it’s great on its own here’s some ideas for using our Sicilian lemonade in some simple cocktails.

  • Lemonade margarita?Mix 8oz Sicilian lemonade and 2oz  tequila. Garnish with lemon rounds.
  • Lemon-champagne sparkler?Mix 4oz Sicilian lemonade, 8oz Champagne or some other sparkling wine, and a dash of cranberry juice.
  • Gin Ginger shandy?Mix 4oz Sicilian lemonade, 4oz ginger beer, and 1oz good gin.

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