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May 18, 2015

Helping you stand out from the crowd

Everyone wants to offer their customers something a bit different that stands...

Everyone wants to offer their customers something a bit different that stands out. Creating your own soft drink is great method of doing this. However, in most cases it’s a tall order to do this cost effectively at any sort of volume. But with draught and syrups you can do this a lot more effectively.

We’ve developed flavours for a number of customers and some of those have spawned some products that we now offer everyone. For example our Funky Ginger beer came out of some product we developed for Pie Minister.

We currently have four products in development for customers alongside our own ideas such as Strawberry Lemonade.

If you would like to stand out from your competitors then how about looking at creating some unique soft drinks. Here are some ideas that could help you get started…

  • Does your outlet have a particular regional heritage e.g Caribbean or Italian?
  • Any historical connections?
  • Any local produce you are famous for?
  • Seasonal ideas e.g Summer Crush, or Christmas Warmer?

By offering them as draught, or dispensed via an on bar jar or bottle, you can deliver the fresh flavour efficiently without the environmental impact of pre mixed bottled products. Let us know if you’d like to have chat about any ideas for your unique soft drinks.

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