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March 18, 2015

Dramatically reduce your carbon footprint

According to a survey by Neilsen of 29,000 internet users across 50...

According to a survey by Neilsen of 29,000 internet users across 50 countries a quarter of UK consumers are choosing more eco-friendly products. This presents an opportunity for savvy operators to promote their eco credentials. For many of our on trade customers this eco message often only revolves around local food offerings that reduce ‘food miles’. But what about your drinks?

Specifically by offering draught soft drinks you are substantially reducing your environmental impact and direct costs for waste removal.

Did you know that in the UK Bars, Pubs and Restaurants throw away 200,000 tons of glass into landfill every year. Even if you do recycle your bottles manufacturing glass itself is not eco friendly. For example sand mining is a pretty messy undertaking. Plus the energy required to create glass is 15 Mj/KG (called Embodied Energy) in comparison brick is 3 Mj/KG and steel is 20 Mj/KG.

To put this into perspective, one ‘bag in box’ of draught soft drinks is equivalent to a whole pallet of bottled product. Which one do you think has significantly less environmental impact?

So if you would like to be eco-friendly and even promote this fact to your customers then don’t just think about your food. Your soft drinks offering could be your greatest contribution to a reduction in world energy consumption and CO2 production. Plus think about all the savings you’ll make on waste removal and greater margins on the product itself.

So not only can draught soft drinks give you bottom line savings but they can also save the planet. Now isn’t that a great message?

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